What's a chessical, exactly?

So, which games gets to pass through Chessicals's gate?

Who gets through?
Who gets through?Render by MZ

Here is the list of conditions a game must fulfil to be eligible for inclusion:

  • Two players
  • No more than 6 different unit types
  • No random chance
  • No hidden information
  • Small board with square cells
  • Not too many different cell types
  • No stacking, only one unit per cell
  • No stateful board, only units change
  • Direction of a unit does not matter
  • Simple ruleset

Most of these limitations are political rather than technical - the underlying engine is very versatile, but adhering to these characteristics allows us to keep a coherent UI and makes adding new games easier.

We have a long wishlist of games to add (the previous iteration of Chessicals has over 70 games, so just converting those will keep us busy for a while). But if you have a suggestion on a game that should be here, we would be very happy to hear about it!