Who am I?

Welcome, friend!

My name is David, a 40-something-year-old teacher-turned-programmer from Sweden.

Me and wife in Deus lo Vult
Me and wife in Deus lo VultPic by Hiatus Games

Chessicals is a passion project that has kept me company for more than a decade - I remember sketching the initial engine on the whiteboard in Blacklake prison in 2007, while waiting for the inmates to show up for class. Over the years I've rebuilt the whole thing more times than I care to say, and gradually refined the data format for describing the rules of the game.

Oh, I was supposed to write about myself? Well, I consider Chessicals to be a rather good representation for who I am. If you knew me it would make sense that I made this, and if you don't then you can extrapolate from Chessicals and make a fairly good guess.