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Coffee is a delightful abstract by Néstor Romeral Andrés, and thus of course published by Nestor games.

Coffee in a café
Coffee in a caféPicture by BGG user Tokoro

At first glance Coffee is a trivial placing game, but there is of course a twist; after placing a unit (coffee bean?), you get to limit where your opponent can place next turn. Only by mastering both choices will you excel at this game!

Since the board inevitably fills up, Coffee always maintain a cutthroat pace and never outstays its welcome.

The dual nestor versions
The dual nestor versionsPicture by Nestor Games

When you buy Coffee from Nestor Games you get both a hex and a square board (and enough pieces to play both in parallell), where Chessicals implements only the latter.

The Nestor version have you dictate opponent options through putting a rod on your newly deployed unit (which gives a coffee bean look, hence the game name), while in Chessicals the opponent options are represented by neutral units instead.

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