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Tobito is the latest game from Mitsuo Yamamoto of LOGY games.

On Kickstarter June 18th!
On Kickstarter June 18th!Photo by LOGY games

Tobito has all the hallmarks of a Yamamoto game: small board, simple rules, very quick play, yet still with deep and interesting decisions.

It also supports up to 4 players, and has a variant for team play (although here on Chessicals you can only play 2 players)!

At first glance Tobito seems like a trivial racing game, but the ingenious relocation rule in combination with the full-home-base lose condition makes for a surpisingly tactical challenge!

And, of course, the ceramic edition sold by LOGY games is splendidly beautiful. There is a Kickstarter campaign running from June 18th through 30th, so if you read this during this time, be sure to check it out!

Kickstarter early bird gifts
Kickstarter early bird giftsPhoto by LOGY games

Chessicals also implements the neutral piece variant that was a stretch goal in the campaign.

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